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aka Robin Forlonge Patterson

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  • I live in Plimmerton, Porirua City, New Zealand
  • I was born on December 14
  • My occupation is Editor
  • I am male
  • Robin Patterson

    The indefatigable dminoz has given imp-gamers another great resource. See his page and admire!

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  • Robin Patterson

    Trade Empires

    February 18, 2013 by Robin Patterson

    Frog City's Trade Empires is as addictive as the company's earlier productions. Download is now available from one of the groups I belong to. Infinite variety, giving you over a dozen maps with a different distribution of resources etc every time you hit "NEW GAME". Better than Railroad Tycoon in several ways though with the same theme: build markets and move stuff between them to maximize profits and population. Cute camels!

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  • Robin Patterson

    "100 pages on this wiki" - so says the bold notice near the top of most pages. It means "100 articles".
    There are 451 web pages (all pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.).
    Page edits since Imperialism Game Wiki was set up: 546.
    Registered users: 3,756,191 - that's for the whole of Wikia!

    Now what we need is someone who has played Imperialism 2 and can write as much about it as I have written about Imperialism. If you're not familiar with wiki editing, never mind - just write in plain text and I can do the formatting while you learn (which won't take long!).

    There are over 300 articles still waiting to be written: see Special:WantedPages.

    Onwards and upwards...

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  • Robin Patterson

    Imperialism 1

    February 7, 2012 by Robin Patterson

    My first new game on random map at the "normal" difficulty level; started fairly soon after I got an overwhelming victory at the first vote in my second try at "Beginner" mode.

    (Indented lines are generally direct quotes from the game display.)

    Country name "NZ", of course. Choose the "Random" option for names.

    "Request from your Interior Minister"
    "Select City Site
    "Like any port or depot, your city will draw in resources from the surrounding countryside. Your city will be the hub of your transport network and your industrial command center."

    Mouseover shows that a coastal site is required. I choose one that will have minimum overlap with the site of a later port that will exploit a grain farm on a promontory and two cotton farms, the chosen si…

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  • Robin Patterson

    It's the 19th century and steam engines are really useful in putting railroads through forests etc (but not swamps yet - and hills will take longer and mountains will take MUCH longer to be mastered). You and six other Great Powers of Europe share a map (possibly nothing like Europe) with 16 Minor Nations. Spinning Jenny works not in a factory but out in the fields increasing cotton and wool production.

    Conquering other nations may get you a win, but the official way to win Imperialism is to get the votes of a majority of about 120 provincial governors. Diplomacy and efficient manufacturing and trade subsidy policy are more likely to win for you when the council convenes.


    Railroad Tycoon (but turn-based and with no visible train operation…
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