Technology in Imperialism takes the shape of various discoveries of the Industrial Revolution that become available at irregular intervals from fairly early in the game. Not all appear in the same game year as they appeared in history.

As soon as one becomes available, it will be listed - click the "Invest in Technology" button. If you have all necessary prerequisites, its price will appear in the "Cost" column; if not, that table cell will list any remaining prerequisites.

List in approximate order of availabilityEdit

The quoted years are for the standard game; they will differ for some scenarios. Years stated in the Manual (at pages 89 and 90) for the last few technologies are much earlier than have been noted in practice. More research may be desirable.
1815High Pressure Steam Engine 0?-Engineers can build railroads between tiles that contain desert, farm, forest, plain, or tundra (at $100 per tile except $150 for tundra and either sort of forest); (swamps need to wait for the Iron Railroad Bridge and hills wait till the late 1830s, mountains a further 5 decades)
1815Seed Drill0?-Farmer improves grain farm and orchard to level 1 at a cost of $100 per tile
Cotton Gin1,000-Farmer improves cotton plantation to level 1 at a cost of $100 per tile; prerequisite of Spinning Jenny
Iron Railroad Bridge1,500-Swamp is now available for railroads though at a cost of $300; more importantly, the bridge enables Forester unit, who can improve hardwood forest to level 1 - then he must wait for Compound Steam Engine in the late 1830s to go to level II
Feed Grasses1,500-Enables Rancher unit, who can improve wool farms and livestock ranches to level 1; prerequisite of Spinning Jenny
Square-Set Timbering1,500-Miner upgrades mines to level 2 (4 units) at a cost of $1,000 per tile
Streamlined Hulls1,500 Clipper Ship - cheaper and faster than Indiaman or Paddlewheeler but with no armor
Spinning Jenny3,000Cotton Gin and Feed GrassesFarmer upgrades cotton plantation to level 2. Rancher upgrades wool farm to level 2 at a cost of $1,000 per tile. Required for Power Loom.
Paddlewheels3,000-Enables Paddlewheeler and Raider, (which still need lumber but use steel or arms, respectively, along with coal, instead of fabric)
Steel Plows3,000 Farmer improves grain farm and orchard to level 2
Bessemer Converter6,000 Build level 2 Forts; recruit Sharpshooters and Scouts, and convert Light infantry and Hussars to those units; also (not documented in the game itself) recruit demolitionists and upgrade sappers to them
Compound Steam Engine7,000Iron Railroad BridgeEngineer puts railroad through hills (at $200 per tile) and can build depots there (though AI nations can do that from the start); Forester upgrades hardwood forest to level 2 at $1,000 per tile
Breech-Loading Rifles12,000Bessemer Converter Recruit Rifle Infantry, Guards, and Carbine Cavalry and upgrade Regulars, Grenadiers, and Cuirassiers to those
Rifled Artillery10,000 Recruit Field Artillery and Siege Artillery; upgrade light artillery and artillery to those units
Advanced Iron Working12,000 Ironclads
Power Loom12,000Spinning JennyFarmer improves Cotton and Rancher improves Wool to level 3
Mechanical Reaper12,000 Farmer improves grain farm to Level 3
Commercial Fertilizer12,000 Farmer improves Orchard to level 3
Oil Drilling25,000 Create Driller, produce Oil at level 1, prospect for oil in desert and swamp, build refinery and power plant (north-east of the steel mill)
1862Barbed wire 20,000 Rancher improves livestock ranch to level 2
1866-68Steel armor plate40,000 Advanced ironclad( After you buy it ships-of-line retired because of alleged obsolescence.)
1872-86Large artillery40,000 Level III fort; Railroad Gun; Mobile Artillery
1874-87Dynamite 40,000 Railroad into mountain; timber and mines to level 3
1873-89Marine engineering 40,000 some new ships
1879-93Machine Guns100,000 new troops
1875-94Chemistry120,000 oil drilling level 2 and lifestock ranch level 3
1881-97Improved range-finding150,000 (After you buy it, you may find some of your ships retired because of alleged obsolescence.)
1884-98Internal combustion 150,000 Chemistrynew troops
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