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"Robin" is a workable map key for Imperialism.


Four large or medium-sized continents close together, each having one, two, or three GPs and between two and six MNs; no outstanding GP and all have less-than-perfect starts.

Two attemptsEdit

Playing as Orange or as Dark Blue, each of which starts with little timber and has a chronic shortage of fabric and of at least one mineral, regrettably in each game (on Normal level) the player reached a freeze in about 1834.


All Great Powers have horses except for Light Blue (LBlue) and Purple. Most of the best provinces are located in Minor Nations. Once you have played this map and learned which Minor Nations to pick, you will then be able to win with all of the Great Powers except for Purple. Purple has a ridge of mountains around most of its provinces, putting a strong clamp on population growth. There is not a big difference in the other six Great Powers. David4k, who has studied them in some detail, goes as far as to say that Yellow, DBlue, and Orange are slightly better than Red, Green, and LBlue.

Subpages for individual GPsEdit

The continent with three Great Powers contains three Minor Nations that are very good producers. They are named Bruhr, Sindel, and Dedge.

The amount of timber is good, there are two provinces with four or more timbers, a Forester will allow for good production. A timber province should not be wasted by the Capital placement. Instead place the Capital in the province next to the horse ranch.

Needs lot of development to connect everything, also desert roads are more costly. Has some good producing Minor Nations close by, but problem is that the AI for Orange will often put out 10% subsidies on Green's neighbors.

Good supply of coal and iron. Does not have horses. Slow to develop because Capital is distant from most provinces.

Close to the mentioned good producing Minors allowing Orange to colonize them.

Very poor geography, mountains block using much of their assets. The Minor Nation Twelt blocks moving to the east, but in the case of Twelt City being placed furthest away, then you will have a chance at winning.

The Capital will not have any fruit. Correcting this deficit will take some extra time-consuming builds.

Fast to develop. Can build Capital one tile to SE from default Capital, saves one tile in build.

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