A nation in Imperialism is either a great power, which can be played by a human, or a minor nation, which cannot.

In the standard game and most scenarios, there are seven Great Powers and sixteen Minor Nations.


In the map room, you can name your nation. If you choose "Fixed Names", the nations played by the computer will be selected from the regular list. (The game would have been more user-friendly if each name had started with a different letter!) If you choose "Random Names" they will be different (and some - such as "Oikkiiki" - will be harder to pronounce, but at least you will probably not confuse that game with others).

"Fixed names" and provincesEdit

(Not listing the capital province, which always takes the nation name followed by " City")

This list can help a player in at least two situations:

  • Warning about enemy warships on XYZ Sea: if the sea is named after a nearby province, which is common, this will help you find it
  • Checking (with F6 on a PC) whether any provinces are under-defended so as to send reinforcements, when you have made some conquests or colonies: this list will get you to the right nation

Great powersEdit

  • Deneb, yellow: Banlingen, Feolin, Gairloch, Girvan, Lochinvar, Lochmaddy, Mallaig, Nairn
  • Devron, orange: Anza, Lopez, Moraga, Pacheco, Rivera, Taraval, Ulloa, Wawona
  • Haxaco, light blue: Hackensack, Hopatcong, Peapack, Piscataway, Secaucus, Teaneck, Watchung, Weehawken
  • Kem, red: Hukchi, Kara, Koryak, Latev, Narvik, Tiksi, Totyev, Tromso
  • Ordune, green: Banburn, Brigadune, Dunbar, Dundee, Dunham, Dunlap, Dunmore, Oban
  • Patagon, purple: Callisto, Faliro, Kailithea, Kifisia, Patisia, Pereus, Perissos, Petralona
  • Zimm, blue: Bergen, Essex, Monmouth, Morris, Nassau, Passaic, Sussex, Warren

Minor nationsEdit

See Minor nation (Imp1) for links.
  • Bruhr: Abmear, Ballater, Braemar, Harmear
  • Dedge: Haverstraw, Nyack, Ridgemont, Tappan
  • Hurshen: Eingev, Galon, Gazit, Ginosar
  • Idolon: Abalon, Boonton, Freedon, Kenelon
  • Issa: Dessa, Lorassa, Mildassa, Morissa
  • Kathay: Osnot, Mul, Penthar, Thurston
  • Kessel: Ijmuiden, Nordborg, Skrydstrup, Toftlund
  • Loke: Domi, Lavi, Lodi, Malon
  • Manx: Funafuti, Suva, Yaren, Yarfulen
  • Pont: Amesbury, Salisbury, Shropshire, Stratford
  • Pram: Demarest, Cresskill, Tenafly, Watervliet
  • Sindel: Barnard, Chelsea, Putney, Vershire
  • Twelt: Brisbane, Hobart, Peabody, Taz
  • Wodan: Bellevue, Kenniwick, Pasco, Richland
  • Zazi: Amir, Elon, Uri, Yosi
  • Zinlu: Kanfulu, Kindu, Lanpulu, Zabinda

Europe scenarios names and provincesEdit

Nation boundaries and names vary between scenarios, but the province names are fairly consistent and generally take the English forms, e.g. "Bavaria" and "Burgundy".