In Imperialism 2, click the key on the desk after you reach the "new game" room, for a chance to play a pre-made or at least pre-examined map. You have a choice (up to a limit of 32 characters!), and there is a short menu of options each showing the best nations for two or more human players.

To find the map key after you have started a game, use this tip as stated by David Johnson on Imp list: "Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. A pop-up will appear with the map key for the current game."

Far-from-exhaustive listsEdit

The following map keys have been described for Imperialism 2, but make sure you type or paste them exactly. Please record more here when you find a map that looks really interesting: click the key on the desk when the map appears, and the map key will appear: write it down. Note it briefly here with a link to its own detailed page, as, for example, [[frogcity]]). If the key is no more than 9 characters in length, you could also calculate its "value" and record it here and on an appropriate subpage.

European Old WorldEdit

Not many yet! (Surely some of them have unusual New Worlds?)

  • Dune - normal Europe but the same quirky style of map for the New World, which has at least two diamonds and some coal

Random Old World - alphabeticalEdit

Check out the available GPs, noting which have advantages or disadvantages; on its individual separate page you can list all the details using a copy of the tables below
(These are for the random Old World maps unless otherwise noted; if you choose the European Old World instead, the New World will be different: see heading above.)
The columns (in the table under construction) are sortable, using the little triangles, so that you can get, for example, all of the "Best grain" keys at the top if you like. Before we go too far, please suggest desired improvements on the talk page.
10 or more
0( or ~Œ/dÀ/ HPortugal has 11 provinces, 36 grain, 24 beef, and lots of forest, but little high country, most of it far inland. (from Enojado271)3611
1044 diamonds world-wide, 3 of them in one province. Spain has a starting position of 5 fish, 3 grain, 1 meat, 1horse. Iron ore is nearby.18yes
AbarfellallySweden good resources but some risk
Abi"Portugal has ten provinces and 29 grain" (from Enojado271)2910
Ad"France has 34 grain" (from Enojado271)34
Ananny"Sweden has 36 grain" (from Enojado271)36
Anar = Caun
Ansa"The only time I've ever seen a noncontiguous country, Sweden is cut off from two squares of its own land." (from Enojado271)
AntarcticaIce Age, similar to the Imperialism version, even for the European Old World
Arfononddeawys"Holland the Mighty has 13 provinces and 21 grain" (from Enojado271)2113
Arra or (from ScaryDog) Arni"England has 11 provinces and 21 grain", 13 open range. "And three forest! Hah. Three." (from Enojado271)11
Bluesee Igea
CaergansanPortugal 9 provinces, good food and resources, quite good large continent; Malinalco has gems and diamondsyesyes
CarrarkSweden has ten provinces and 33 grain (from Enojado271)33
CarthewysPortugal has 10 provinces - ScaryDog (talk) 23:17, October 16, 2014 (UTC)10
Caugigood for France and Holland (posted by UglyTrog in 2004)
Caun or Anar, Amav, Alaz, Ajez, Ahiz, Adur, Cart, Dath, Eaph, Eboj ...(presumably!)Sweden has 9 provinces, 37 grain and 10 meat, also lots of wood: from Craig in NJ on Imp_list. ScaryDog adds more detail: "England is not the biggest country (7 provinces) but is in one island that has all other Minor powers, while Sweden is the biggest country (9 provinces) but is in the second island with all the other great powers."37
CeaffSweden good resources
Cegawys37 grain: from Craig in NJ on Imp_list37
Cergaerdiwys45 grain + 30 range meat and other goodies ...: from Craig in NJ on Imp_list; but get a road up to your nearest iron ore and forest fast!45
Cernarduwys"has 9 diamonds and 9 gems; France seems to be the best country to play it from." - from Joe Krishna Mithiran on Imp_listyes
Cewysgood for England and Holland
Cigabaw34 grain: from Craig in NJ on Imp_list34
Cirdastea"Spain has 10 provinces (22 grain, 9 open range)" - From ScaryDog2210
DaB"Spain has 34 grain" (from Enojado271)34
Dagoneth34 grain: from Craig in NJ on Imp_list34
dagreatSpain well placed, and the New World has diamonds in the eastyes
Danea"England - 8 provinces, good food, 10 iron, 3 coal, distributed so that 2 upgraded towns will produce steel if you don't put your capital in those provinces..." (see more at DailyImp) ..."Portugal has good resources, also, including a province that will produce bronze. A few other Great Powers also look like good possibilities.
-- from Paul Kenkel" (pkenkel"at" - quoted from The Daily Imperialist
Dastollerthyr"Portugal has ten provinces and 26 grain (no horse, but a minor sells them)" (from Enojado271)2610
Dath= Caun
Daunayan"France has 33 grain" (from Enojado271)33
Dintag Memrysall GPs have about equal chancesyes
DuneFascinating layout with lakes and inlets (which roads can cross) and inland seas dotted with islands (nothing like the Imp1 version, which is mostly desert and tundra)
ElliMichael Turton on says it "produces a New World with an awesome 12 gems"yes
Erdevarniy"France has 34 grain" (from Enojado271)34
frogcitydminoz says "play the green country it has around 10 iron sites and 5 coal." - but in the Imp2 version played by one editor of this wiki it has three iron ore and two coal, you have only five provinces and will need to buy most of your tin, and the New World covers three islands - so dminoz was probably referring to Imp1
good4"Sweden has 35 grain" (from Enojado271)35
gravitySpain excellent resources on good continent
HothorHolland 12 provinces, four horse ranches, adjoining the 2nd-biggest GP (France, with 7 provinces) and two others (Imp1 version gives Green GP balanced resources)12
IgeaPortugal has 2 of the world's 3 horse ranches. Starting position may have 3 grain, 4 meat+fish, 1 iron ore, 1 sheep. Old World is a single continent. Same map is generated with "Blue".
Inga = MaeyFrance capital can be placed to cover 8 or 9 food tiles
IorreaOld World is a single continent; all GPs are in a tight bunch, with each adjoining one or two MNs and all except Holland adjoining two or more GPs; England may be well placed at the end of a string of three MNs, but it could have three GPs invading it over land all at once
IostamrysOne-ground. 11 provinces England.11
Iovaebernan"France has ten provinces and 26 grain on a single continent" (from Enojado271)2610
IyauginannySweden 17 provinces17
Kellills"France has 35 grain" (from Enojado271)35
KenonewFrance has 11 provinces, Holland has 10 - ScaryDog (talk) 23:17, October 16, 2014 (UTC)11
KidasticksTwo biggest GPs, with 7 provinces each, are Portugal (with 15 grain farms and 3 horse ranches, adjoining one GP and one MN; its best capital site can support population of 12 and it can discover cotton and sugar cane on its first ship move; but its iron ore is some way off and nobody sells any) and Sweden (with 25 grain farms but no horse ranches, adjoining one GP and exclusively three MNs) (the Imp1 version gives Red GP balanced resources; somewhat boring by comparison?)25
Llallaey AthSweden balanced resources, and Running Bear and Detroit are worth visiting
Llantea - or is that Llontea?used by Aym in a level-200 game as England
Llargawys Tagh"Spain has ten provinces and 17 grain" (from Enojado271)1710
Lleberphemrys"Holland has ten provinces and 23 grain (no horse but minor sells)" (from Enojado271)2310
Llestigood for England, Holland, Portugal, and Spain
LlevinHolland has 12 provinces12
LTdEkused in the first of the Imperialist board Competition games
Maey = Inga"France has ten provinces and 24 grain" (from Enojado271)2410
manstabeeEngland recommended: shares continent with five MNs; 8 provinces, quite a choice of capital sites, excellent resources except tin (which two MNs export); build a second and third explorer early so that you find the nearest iron ore tiles before taking your road too far; Spain is closest to the New World, but your ship may see some NW coast on its first move and you should easily find three gem tiles and lots of other minerals in the southern half08
Mingis"Spain has 36 grain" (from Enojado271)36
Morrea"Portugal has ten provinces and 21 grain" (from Enojado271)2110
MoscowFrance has 10 provinces, large amounts of food-yielding land, forestry and hills, bordered by Portugal and 2 MNs.lots10
MuverethAym played France in a level-200 game
NabaghSweden balanced resources and fairly good placementyes
NaerdaSweden relatively good placement if you like invading
Neberthyr Comrys"Portugal has 11 provinces (22 grain, 7 open range)" - from ScaryDog2211
Panddos MumrysHolland good resources and placement
ParthyrSweden eight provinces and closest to the New World, used by Aym for a win at level 40008
PippinRed GP good coal and iron
Pirmea"Sweden has ten provinces and 26 grain" (from Enojado271)2610
Pontos Swag"Sweden has ten provinces (only 18 grain)" (from Enojado271)1810
PraguePortugal starts with 10 provinces and a huge amount of food on the main continent.lots10
qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq"France has 10 provinces (25 grain, 5 open range, 4 hardwood, 4 scrub forest, 20 barren hills, 25 mountains, 24 sheep, 11 swamp, 2 horses)" - from ScaryDog2510
Rhaganeth"... has 8 diamonds and 3 gems and 6 of those diamonds are in 1 province, Juaja, from which you can transport 1 of the gems as well, 1 more gems is with the same tribe; Sweden has excellent resources." - from Joe Krishna Mithiran on Imp_list; Daily Imperialist had a screenshot with this description: "Mike Turton has come up with this gem: Using the map key "Rhaganeth" will produce Jauja with six diamonds and a gem in the province next door ..."yes
Rhamrys"France has ten provinces and 24 grain" (from Enojado271)2410
RharmellsEngland is the biggest country (8 provinces) in one island that has all other Minor powers, the other great powers are all in a second island - ScaryDog (talk) 23:17, October 16, 2014 (UTC)08
RharthestesSpain good resources
RhillyFrance has 10 provinces (29 grain, 14 meat) - ScaryDog (talk) 23:17, October 16, 2014 (UTC)2910
Rhonsa"a wonderful start for England, 2 tins, enough wood, tons of food, unfortunately only 2 iron, so many empty mountains, a pity..." - by Salamandre, May 6 2011, on Zetaboardslots
RhurowysHolland good food potential and other resources and good island
RhymnanunallyPortugal very good island and resources
Rhymnerdigood for Spain and Swedenyes
Rhymnig"Sweden has 10 provinces (27 grain, 20 open range)" - from ScaryDog2710
RhymnirthiSweden has 11 provinces (16 grain, 18 open range, 14 hardwood, 9 scrub, 15 wool, 3 horse ranches), adjoining three GPs and 2 NSs.1611
ScotlandMostly hills - similar to (Imp1)]]
Sk or Ly, Mw, Nu, Os, Pq, Qo, Rm, Ti, Ug, Ve, Wc, Xa, aO, bM, ... hAOld World is a single continent
SontinEngland suggested: lots of iron and several other resources
Strategic Simulations IncFrance good resources
Swara"Holland has ten provinces and 19 grain" (from Enojado271)1910
SwergingethHolland 11 provinces and good resources11
SwonagSweden capital can be placed to get lots of food, its continent is above average, and there might be value in visiting Aztecs, Pueblo, Huron, and Iroquoislots?yes?
SwonddeaYellow has 10 provinces, but low food (15 grain, 16 meat) - ScaryDog (talk) 23:17, October 16, 2014 (UTC)1510
Tantaergorystwyth39 grain: from Craig in NJ on Imp_list39
Tebogaen"Spain has 34 grain" (from Enojado271)34
TenardarthyrSweden good resources, good island, and the Aztec, Inca, and Maya capitals are well worth fossicking aroundyes
Terdoff"France has ten provinces (but only 15 grain)" (from Enojado271)1510
Tilgate ForestHolland and France great resources and 3 horse rancheslots?yes
Tonny"France has 36 grain" (from Enojado271)36
Triltettumlots of minerals, notably on pink, dark blue, and light blue
VisbyProduces a Holland with ten provinces on a continent with Spain (6) and Sweden (7). England starts with seven provinces on an island with one MN.10
Wikiathe random version gives Sweden a good-looking start (adjoining two MNs exclusively) with iron ore and wool from the capital, but make sure you reach your second tile of each before the warehouse runs out of their products; the best adjoining provinces in the New World could be Sioux and Amiryes

Random Old World, grouped by featuresEdit

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