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Try "coonwist" as a map key for Imperialism.

Its examination was prompted by an anonymous contributor, who wrote about Coonwist. The description seemed not to match the map. The yellow GP was discussed. Neither map seemed to fit, but the yellow on "coonwist" has been started.

Robin's gamesEdit

Robin started south-east of the main inlet, with fish, forest, fruit, hill and a few grain. Port on the cape far out west soon added lots more food, and other ports followed, along with a short rail link to a depot yielding three timber. Two of the mineral tiles discovered were next to one another and could be well served by a port or could be linkeed to capital by rail.

On Robin's second run from the same start, four MNs got immediate Trade Consulates and proved fruitful. More followed. It was not long before Robin was top on the status list, with three allies.

Unfortunately, Robin's second embassy, in Bruhr, was proving lucrative until its GP neighbour attacked. The pact kicked in and the expected war started but three other nations (including former allies, the nearest of whom had been quite friendly) joined with the aggressor, presumably looking to capitalize on Robin's low military ranking. Robin had arms and money and more labor than anyone else and upped the game immediately.

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