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Starting Imperialism with map key "Scotland" presents a player with a lot of hills - "all Hills", according to Joe. The key appears on a list in gamefaqs "Contributed By: TheLastNight and Snuff-A-Luff"

A bit of an exaggeration, Joe - but there's a close resemblance to "Nepal" if you imagine most of the mountains replaced by hills.

Useful tilesEdit

(Ignoring bare plains, fish, swamp, and potential coal and iron; first line are accessible by human players before you can put rail into hills; second line are the later ones; note that AI nations can build ports on hills and even mountains from the start of the game)

Red (Kem)
2 grain, 2 fruit, 3 wool, 1 hardwood
1 fruit, 2 beef, 7 wool, 2 scrub
Orange (Devron)
1 grain, 2 fruit, 1 beef, 2 cotton, 6 wool, 1 hardwood
3 fruit, 3 beef, 4 wool
Blue (Zimm)
3 grain, 4 beef, 1 cotton, 2 wool, 3 hardwood
1 fruit, 1 beef, 1 cotton, 4 wool, 1 hardwood, 1 scrub
Purple (Patagon)
2 beef
9 wool
Cyan (Haxaco)
2 fruit, 2 wool, 2 scrub
1 grain, 2 fruit, 1 cotton, 12 wool, 2 scrub
Green (Ordune)
1 grain, 1 fruit, 1 cotton, 6 wool, 2 hardwood
1 grain, 2 beef, 9 wool, 1 hardwood
Yellow (Deneb)
2 grain, 1 beef, 5 wool, 1 scrub
3 grain, 2 fruit, 1 beef, 9 wool
9 grain, 7 fruit, 8 beef, 4 cotton, 24 wool, 7 hardwood, 3 scrub
5 grain, 9 fruit, 9 beef, 2 cotton, 54 wool, 2 hardwood, 5 scrub

Blue, with 7 extendable food (more grain, and more "fruit plus beef", than any other) plus some bare plains and fish, must be the favorite starter. Give it a go (or try Purple on "Introductory" level!) then check out the MNs.


Capital in south-east on bare plain with grain farm and 3 fish. (Can't build on the grain farm because the MN shares the only water and you must have "uncontested" access to water.) Start rail N-E, and prospect hills around the timber to see whether you want two depots or just one on that line initially. On Normal level you have 10 fabric, 8 paper, 24 lumber, 19 steel, 5 clothing, 5 furniture, 20 food. Start six buildings. Order 2 Indiamen. Bid for food (for your fruit-eaters), cotton, wool, timber. Offer 1 each of clothing, furniture. Reserving two paper for Miner, use remaining paper for training (expert first). Farmer and 2nd Engineer can come later. For continuation, see Blue subpage.

Minor nation exports and notesEdit

(order roughly west-east with a bit of curling)

WodanWlClIr-Next to Kem
ZinluIrClCtWlWest of Haxaco
KesselWlClIrTiWest of Haxaco
IdolonClIrWlCtWest of Haxaco
PontClWlIrTiEast of Haxaco
IssaWlClIrCtEast of Haxaco
ManxClWlIr-East of Haxaco
TweltWlClIr-N-W of Zimm, next to Patagon
HurshenWlClIr-S-W of Zimm
ZaziIrClWl-East of Zimm, and Zimm will want their western province for its fruit and for earlier access to its own fruit
LokeClIrWl-N-W of Ordune
SindelWlTiClIrS-W of Ordune
DedgeWlClIrTiSouth of Ordune
KathayWlIrClTiSouth of Ordune
BruhrIrClWlTiEast of Ordune
PramIrClWlTiNorth of Ordune

Minor nation analysisEdit

Each of the 16 has coal, iron, and wool.

Only 5 have more iron than coal: may be worth selecting

Only 3 have cotton, all in 3rd or 4th place, and they have no timber; may be worth later consulates if nobody else interested.

Only 7 have timber (with Sindel probably having most); there will be stiff competition for these, and we should be in there. In #1 position, four have wool, two have iron, one has coal.

Kessel, Pont, Pram, Sindel could be a good first-turn batch, for timber and a variety of top products with medium-to-low chance of early invasion. Of course, that may depend on which nation is most likely to invade. Kessel is tempting. Imp1-Scotland-Kessel



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