Imperialism Game Wiki

Goods in Imperialism are the finished products of a factory:

  • Clothing factory using fabric produces clothing (shown as a shirt)
  • Furniture factory using lumber produces furniture (shown as a chair)
  • Metalworks using steel produces:
    • arms (shown as a cannon); or
    • hardware (shown as a hammer)

As with other production in Imperialism and Imperialism 2, each unit of output requires two units of material and two labor units.

All goods can be traded. In fact, trading is the only useful thing you can do with hardware, but the others have practical uses too.

Initial prices posted on the Board of Trade schedule are $900. Often there is an initial price drop as nations trying to earn quick money cause an oversupply, but prices can later usually rise to $1500 or more. Selling is almost entirely to minor nations, except that great powers may buy arms and, rarely (to assist immigrants), clothing and furniture.

After appropriate levels of industrial expansion, some of your hamlets may have become towns producing free goods to add to your warehouse stocks if you transport them each turn.

Imperialism 2 has no equivalent to goods.

Trade Empires has goods of various types; see Trade Empires Full Commodity Chart.