Development of Imperialism games can refer to:

  • Scenarios
  • Serious coding that can result in a "mod" or new version of the game.

Desired features in future versionsEdit

Main article: Imp3 wish list

External linksEdit

  • Imperial Agenda - including a note from a Frog City developer (in 2005) doubting if there would be a commercial "Imperialism III" but saying he would like to work on it if it eventuated
  • Imperialism Remake (or whatever new name Trilarion gives the project) -Serious attempt at remake, driven by Trilarion
    • First release 0.1.1, Sunday, January 6, 2013 - and Trilarion says in the forum "We will make this a tradition and release a new version every two month on the sixth, so the next release is scheduled for 6th March 2013"
    • Screenshots
    • Downloads (e.g. 0.1.4, July 2013)
  • Discussion on Yahoo Groups
  • "Great powers" game in development by Slovakians seeking $US150,000 and expecting to have it finished by August 2019 - " intention is to create the best historical turn based strategy game for PC."
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