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What a great game for those of us who like maps and long strategy games and don't mind a bit of arithmetic!

Many of the websites that used to cover Imperialism in detail and had active contributors have now ceased to function. This wiki is free to use, has a stable host with helpful staff, and should last for ever, so I hope all players of the game will come to consider it as one of their homes and will sign up and contribute. The software is almost the same as what Wikipedia uses and is therefore readily usable by millions of people.

Check the "Help" pages if you have any questions. Or see whether your question has been covered at the help desk and add a new item if not.

These forums are great for discussing matters that cover several pages and would therefore not be best on a single "talk" page. Don't be shy about starting a new item!

-- Robin Patterson (Talk) 13:25, April 24, 2012 (UTC)