Fidmech is a map key for Imperialism.

Dark blueEdit

The dark blue Great Power (normally known as Zimm) shares a continent with just six minor nations, four of them adjacent to it, and in its rather elongated shape it has four separate coastlines, several good port sites, lots of timber, a fair sprinkling of food, and a few other resources to start you off.

On "easy" difficulty level, the capital site on the extreme east coast is determined for you. On "normal" level you can choose your own and might prefer a food-rich site to the west, capable of supporting 11 citizens.

Related minor nationsEdit

Half a dozen MNs are good suppliers of what you need for fabric and steel. Your developer may want to start in Wodan, far to the east-south-east (and south-west if you go across the date line), for some cotton and wool with lots of hills and mountains, one of which contains gems.


1833 on easy level; Kem is the ally.

Other GPsEdit

Devron has lots of coal and things to make fabric from.

Possible action in 1839Edit

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