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Factories are important parts of Imperialism and Imperialism 2. The term can include "mills" and (particularly in Imperialism 2) several other words such as "looms" and "smelters". In Imperialism they appear as actual buildings on an isometric view of your capital city, and change appearance as you expend lumber and steel to expand them. In Imperialism 2 they are merely rows on a table of industries, in the "Production Scroll" of the "Give Industry Orders" screen, and have no fixed capacity. In either game, the number of products you can produce on any given turn is limited partly by how many of the products you have in the warehouse and partly by the current number of available labor units.

In all cases but one, the production formula is "2 labor units plus 2 units of input produces next turn one unit of product". The one exception is the Food Processing unit in Imperialism, which has double those amounts (i.e. 4+4 --> 2) because the inputs include the balanced dietary quantities of two grain, one fruit, and one meat.


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Imperialism 2

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