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"Dune" has been tried as a map key for Imperialism. It appears on a list in gamefaqs "Contributed By: TheLastNight and Snuff-A-Luff". As its name implies, it produces a map with lots of desert, and most of the rest is tundra, with a fair sprinkling of forest but very few other tiles. (Code name found in executable file.)

General notesEdit

You get grain from a dry plain, which is just as well!

Minor nation capitals are strongly defended.

The world's only horse ranch is in the red GP (Kem).

At least in the version downloaded from FreeGameEmpire, you may find your capital and some depots and captured MN capitals bring in no timber from the adjoining forests, and your prospector cannot prospect in minor nations.

Pale blueEdit

That country shares a continent with seven MNs but has no grain farm and not many dry plains and only one fruit, with the nearest grain farm in Manx to the east and the nearest cotton or wool in Pont, south of Manx (requiring you to conquer Manx City for access if you have no warship). Fair amount of both types of forest, two useful hills, no mountains.

Fortunately, most of the good tiles are fairly close to the river that runs through the southern provinces.


Green (Ordune) is not much better than pale blue but can build a capital with a grain farm and shares a continent with five MNs.


Red (Kem) has a horse ranch, a swamp, a hill, a mountain, and quite a lot of forest. It can have a capital with two dry plains. It adjoins Hurshen, which has wool.


Purple (Patagon) adjoins only dark blue. No grain farms, but several fruit and cattle and hills and mountains with a good lot of forest.

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