Hard-working Imp enthusiast dminoz has created a page devoted to up-to-date downloads of games and related matter.

Here's a facsimile of the list displayed early in February 2019:

Imperialism downloads
Imp 1/2 game files, maps, manuals, and editing tools.

The following is a collection of everything related to Imps 1/2, including full game downloads. If there is anything else that needs listing here, please email

   Imp1 game – no installation required, just unzip.
   Imp1 manual – The manual in PDF format.
   Imp 1 music – the original game music.
   Imp1 scenarios and maps – A collection of Imp 1 scenarios and maps.
   Imp11 patch – The Imp 1.1 patch. Not sure if this is the US or international version, or whether it matters.
   Imp1 editors and utilities – All the available Imp1 map editors and utilities.
   Imp 2 full game – no installation required, just unzip. If you get an error complaining about a missing CD when you run the game, turn the music off in your options. (The program is looking for the music files on the CD).
   Imp2 maps – a collection of Imp2 maps.
   Imp 2 manual (pdf) – the manual in PDF format.
   Imp 2 tech tree (pdf) – the tech tree in PDF format.
   Imp 2 patch (US version) – 1.03 patch (US version).
   Imp 2 patch (international) – 1.03 patch (international version).
   Imp 2 map editor – Imp2 map editor, by Keith Bennett. This is best used installed straight into the Imp2 folder. It edits the map files in the Data/Euro1500 folder, so make a backup if that’s an issue.
   Imp 2 blank Euro1500 map files – A set of blank map files, to save you the chore of deleting all the data in the stock map files. Copy these into your Data/Euro1500 folder, and enjoy vistas of endless ocean….
   ResHacker setup – ResHacker is a small utility which will open, view, edit and save the .gob files which Imp uses. The text strings (country and province names, etc) which Imp2 uses are in “str#eng.gob” and “str#enu.gob”. These are essentially the same file with different names; one is read by the US version of the game, and the other is read by the international version. ResHacker will also open the .gob files which Imp1 uses. In I

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