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Cheats for Imperialism can give a player an advantage.

Level 2 terrain improvement repeatedEdit

You need two miners or farmers or foresters etc. Details on an Apolyton thread [1], by our User:Themosmitsos‎. Copied it over and edited it to improve readability:

Mining, wool, cotton, lumber, food: Note each of these can be improved x3. First for $100, second for $1,000, third for $5,000. ONCE YOU HAVE THE TECH TO IMPROVE TO THE *SECOND* LEVEL [$1,000] which in scenarios you do even in 1815 for mining [MOST important] first make sure for any of these resources you have TWO specialists, ie two miners for mining for ex, two farmers for food/cotton, etc.
Put a miner on a mine to build the first mine: cost $100. When he finishes, click him & move him to an adjacent square (not developing anything) and click the SECOND miner onto the mine to build the second mine: cost: $1,000. Now, while the second miner is building the mine, in the same turn (!), click the original miner: It says redeploying, click cancel orders. Now, he's back on the mine. Click develop mine: cost $1,000. You are now building the second AND third level mine, and for $4,000, 30yrs before the tech is available to you!
Now, also, if you do this after the second level of development once you've obtained the third level tech, ie to create a FOURTH (non-existent in game) level, weird stuff starts to happen. Forests to level four will SOMETIMES produce coal! Mines to level four sometimes crash the game.

Defending without fightingEdit

On,4020/ a poster ("Contributed by Indra is here (19773) on Dec 27, 2003.") included the following:

When the enemy attacks your city, you will get the option for the computer to automatically position your troops (OK Button) or not (CANCEL Button). Press the CANCEL Button and you go to the battlefield screen where you are given the opportunity to place your troops manually. When you press the CANCEL Button the second time, the bug starts and somehow the next display indicates that you have successfully defended against the invaders.

It was noted that the procedure occasionally crashed the game and could repeatedly crash from a renewed attempt at the same battle. This will NOT work if you are being attacked where you've built a fortess.

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