Using Bimboss as map key in Imperialism, you get a map with extreme contrasts for situations of different nations.

Three GPs each have nothing but 4 or (for two of them) 6 MNs sharing their continents. The purple GP has an island to itself. Yellow and the blues are the only occupants of one continent.

GPs with most MNsEdit

Green and red are both good shapes and share with six MNs. Red adjoins three of its MNs; green adjoins only two, which makes invasion choices a little harder.


Red has a good capital site in the west, supporting 8 citizens right from the start, with a good port site in the east (providing 3(+) timber, 1(+) grain, 1(+) livestock, and 1 fish) and a couple of other port sites supplying the fruit necessary to grow quickly to 10 or 11. Lots of forests, hills, and mountains and two horse tiles but only three tiles to produce fabric. Railroads can extend east and south from the capital to service any inland depots desired and link into the adjoining MNs.

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