Army units in Imperialism 2 are the military ground units, built in the Armory (part of the Units Scroll of the "Give Industry Orders" screen).


Construction of any of the seven units likely to be available first needs at least a peasant and a unit of fabric. Peasant Levies need no more than that. The other six need at least one metal material or lumber and two need a horse or two. Data about each (listed on page 55 of the Manual) is shown as numbers against each of five factors:

  • Firepower - four have "0", others 3, 5, 8
  • Melee - three have "1", others 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Range - four have "1", others 3, 4, 5
  • Defense - two have "2", others 3, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Speed - 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 6

Technology advances are needed before any other units can be built. If you let the computer choose the initial goal, you may well find yourself aiming for Horse artillery, which is almost essential for attacking forts unless you have several Culverin (the earliest heavy artillery) and/or a great many Bowmen.

Types of unitEdit

In all, there are 29 types of army unit that you can build. They fall into nine classes (most of which have four types): Light Infantry, Regular Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Bowmen (a class on its own), Light Cavalry, Spear Cavalry (just two types), Heavy Cavalry (no 1st-era unit), Light Artillery (no 1st-era unit), Heavy Artillery.

New World tribes have some of the same units but some different, such as Clubmen, Archers, Spearmen, and the much more powerful Horse Warriors. An army of 2 Pikemen, 3 Arquebusiers, 1 General, 2 Lancers, and 3 Horse Artillery has been known to lose all but the General and the lancers when attacking a province successfully defended by 9 horse warriors, killing only one of them.

Battle reportsEdit

After each battle (no matter who was involved) you see a screen with a report of which units took part and what the result was. If you were involved, an additional option button shows you the details of injuries to each unit. An example follows.


The General had estimated that there were only three weak defenders. Let him try to explain to the troops' families.

Table of unit statisticsEdit

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Listed alphabetically, but the table is sortable: click the triangle icon at the head of a column to sort by the order of items in that column

Army units in Imperialism 2
Attack cost
ArquebusierHI1None10051332111 Bro-NoneMusketeer
Bowman 1None 31423111 Lum-NoneNone
CalivermanLI2Improved Infantry Tactics 32554112 Bro-Peasant levySkirmisher
Carbine cavalryHC4Repeating Cavalry Carbine 717559136 Ste5CuirassierNone
CossackLC2Recruit Steppe Horsemen10005158111 C.I.2SquireHussar
CuirassierHC3Improved Cavalry Weapons 513359123 Ste4HarquebusierCarbine cavalry
CulverinHA1None 815 22114 Bro-NoneRoyal artillery
Field artilleryLA4Field Artillery Tactics 10311451316 Ste5Light artilleryNone
GrenadierHI3Explosives 108554124 Ste-MusketeerGuard
GuardHI4Elite Military Training 1210664138 Ste-GrenadierNone
HalberdierRI2Improved Iron Weapons 07164112 C.I.-PikemanRegular
HarquebusierHC2Improved Cavalry Tactics 26356112 Bro2NoneCuirassier
Heavy artilleryHA3Heavy Artillery 13210231212 Ste-Royal artillerySiege gun
Horse artilleryLA2Horse Artillery 52723114 Bro3NoneLight artillery
HussarLC3Hussars 283611122 Ste4CossackScout
KnightSC1None10006164112 Bro2NoneLancer
LancerSC2Organized Regiments20008156112 Bro3KnightNone
Light artilleryLA3Light Artillery Tactics20083934129 Ste4Horse artilleryField artillery
MusketeerHI2Weapon Craftsmanship 72443112 Bro-ArquebusierGrenadier
Peasant levyLI1None 0313311--NoneCaliverman
PikemanRI1None10005153111 C.I. NoneHalberdier
RegularRI3Bayonet 77554123 Ste HalberdierRifle infantry
Rifle infantryRI4Needle Guns 99664136 Ste-RegularNone
Royal artilleryHA2Siege Engineering 92822116 Bro-CulverinHeavy artillery
ScoutLC4Scouting 5115611134 Ste5HussarNone
SharpshooterLI4Long Range Rifles 54777136 Ste-SkirmisherNone
Siege gunHA4High Grade Steel 17212331320 Ste-Heavy artilleryNone
SkirmisherLI3Early Rifles 43566122 Ste-CalivermanSharpshooter
SquireLC1None 04146111 C.I.1NoneCossack
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