The army of a player of Imperialism and Imperialism 2 consists of the ground units that have attack capabilities.

Army units are built in the Armory. An army unit has much less movement ability than a civilian, though when it is not attacking it can move instantly to any province of yours (subject to a restriction in Imperialism of one "gun" per turn for every five freight cars you have). They can attack only adjacent provinces but can be teleported from a province containing a port into a hostile province that has an established beachhead.

When you have researched appropriate technology, most units are able to be replaced with a similar class of unit at a higher grade, if you use the "Show Garrison Details" button. That costs exactly the same as a new unit except that the person is not replaced (nor is the horse if applicable) but continues fighting with the new equipment, retaining all of his medals.


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On a PC, "F6" lists your army units by location.

Units differ from civilian units by having at least one gun (an "arms" unit) put into their construction.

Most of the units available in 1815 will be replaceable by stronger units of similar type from about 1837 to the early 1840s, when you research Bessemer Converter, Rifled Artillery, and Breech-Loading Rifles.

Further upgrades become available in the 1880s.

Imperialism 2

Main article: Army (Imp2)

On a PC, "F10" lists your army units by location.

Unit construction requires one peasant and at least one fabric unit. Most units require lumber and/or metal material as well, with some needing a horse or two or more.

The Horse Artillery technology allows one of the earliest improvements to your army potential.

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