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"Well I played the green nation in Antarctica and figured out a winning strategy as green in a few hours of play. Obviously your first objective is to get an apple orchard to prevent your workers from starving. With that being said you can't attack anyone successfully without at least building a Ship of the Line, so you have to be extremely frugal at the start. Buy up food from turn one and try to not sell all your clothing/furniture right away since the price will go up a couple hundred bucks in 4-5 turns. Do not even bother making factories outside of a steel mill and arms factory (since you won't be able to make the other stuff as it is). While you're doing this make sure connect your capital with your 1 copper/iron deposite as soon as you can.
"Once you have your orchard and are pumping out at least 1 arms (or hammer) per turn then you're well on your way to victory. "

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